Please note:

  • All groups must receive approval in order to vend at the market
  • We cannot accommodate requests for shade
  • Vendors are responsible for providing tents
  • All groups/vendors must review market policies linked below.  Know what you are agreeing to!

This application is for non-profits and groups/committees organized by the Town of Ipswich who are attending the market to provide education/public service.

Are you a non-profit? *
Contact Person at Market *
Contact Person at Market
Address *
Phone *
If possible, provide a mission statement.
If you have your own tent, PLEASE plan to bring it. We cannot guarantee that a tent will be available for you. If you are sharing a space with a vendor, it is the responsibility of the VENDOR to provide a tent. Signage must be present indicating where revenue is going. (Vendor vs. Non-Profit)
Please note, groups conducting sales at the market may be subject to vendor fees.
Please tell us which activities you will provide and how often you plan to run them.
Please provide the link to your Facebook if you would like us to include it. (Sometimes the links are difficult to find!)
I and all relevant employees have read the Market Policies (linked below) and agree to abide by them and the spirit of this Farmers’ Market and recognize that failure to adhere to these policies may result in penalties including termination
Signature (owner of farm, business, or organization)